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Last May 3rd, our community had another opportunity to ask questions to the MotoGP™23 Lead Game Designer and the Milestone Executive Producer and Creative Director on Discord. During the session, they provided new in-depth insights about Dynamic Weather, Flag to Flag, Multiplayer Mode, and other features. In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire discussion here or check the session’s highlights in the following summary.



Can you tell us something more? How it works or how much it’s scripted, simulated, etc… 

The overall idea is that we simulate it as much as possible. When you enter a single grand prix you can choose to have a fixed weather or a variable weather. If it’s variable, you can ask the game to have a fixed transition like “from wet to dry” or vice versa or to have a purely random variation. And what happens on the track is simulated like in real life – the tire temperature, the air temperature, etc… – and reacts to different situations. With these changes, the player has a choice to make: rush to the pits or continue by taking the risk.

What about the regulation on Moto3 and Moto2?

In Moto2, Moto3, there is no Flag to Flag. So, if it starts raining after the second third of the race, the race director will stop the race, as per the regulation of MotoGP, and you will have a quick restart procedure with a short race to end the events.

Is dynamic weather also active in practice and qualifying?

Yes. Variable weather it might happen at any moment during the weekend, so also during practice and qualifying… or not happening at all.

Any plans on how AI riders perform depending on different track conditions?

There is a new system to manage this aspect of the game. We wanted to give a personality to the riders in the game, by modeling aggressiveness and speed. Regardless of the level of difficulty, the player might incur some riders being better or worse on some tracks, some conditions, and depending on what he did like, for example, hitting them during the last races or being aggressive in the answers on the social media.


How do the ranks work? Is it, for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or will be different levels in between?

There is also Platinum and Legend level. All the levels from Bronze to Platinum have different sub-levels, so there’s plenty of granularity to fit into the different levels. As for the Legend level, that is the unique and highest level.

Will there be Flag to Flag and Dynamic Weather in multiplayer?



Is there a huge difference in long races between the soft, medium, and hard tires?

Yes, and the player must be careful to choose the tire based on the track. Because some tracks can’t stand soft tires or vice versa, because of high temperature. This is simulated by both players and riders managed by the AI.

Is the bike more balanced this year?

We’ve put more emphasis on some aspects to be more realistic because the bike tends to have a trajectory on its own that you have to manage. This changes the balance in this part but, of course, it depends much on how many helps the player has added or removed. 

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