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The thrills
are back!

8th June 2023

The next champion could be you

Xbox One
Xbox Series S|X
Xbox Series S|X
MotoGP 23 Official Keyart MotoGP 23

The complete Official Championship 2023 in the most challenging and advanced MotoGP™ experience ever.

Anyone can aspire to become a champion!

The advanced Neural Aid system will analyze your performance and assist you with brakes, acceleration and handling. Adjust it based on your skills and confidence for the best riding experience. Build your confidence and perfect your style with specific training session in the MotoGP™ Academy and learn with dedicated Tutorials to master all aspects of the game.

Renewed Career more challenging and real

Your path to glory has never been so personal. Just like in real life, your choices will affect your career. Manage Rivalries and take advantage of the new Turning Points to move faster through the different classes.

Unpredictable Weather and the Flag to Flag rule

When everything can change in a heartbeat, strategy becomes your greatest ally. Dynamic Weather brings a new level of unpredictability to the race. Take quick decisions and make the best of the Flag to Flag rule to turn the tide of the race.*

*Flag-to-Flag is not available on Nintendo Switch versions

MotoGP 23 Left Pilot MotoGP 23 Right Pilot

Multi Player

To prove you are the best, MotoGP™23 features full cross-play* to compete with other players regardless of their platform and console generation. Finally, the new Ranked Races will let you take on other players with your same skill level to enjoy the most intense and challenging duels!

*cross-play available for PS and Xbox

Split Screen

Half screen to double the fun. When your toughest rivals are also your best friends, there is only one way to determine who the best rider is. Sit on the couch and race shoulder to shoulder to find out!*

*Split Screen is not available on Nintendo Switch versions

MotoGP 23 MotoGP 23 MotoGP 23