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Get ready to become a champion: the official MotoGP videogame brings the thrills of motorcycle racing into your hands.

The most acclaimed series by Milestone, dedicated to the fast-paced, adrenaline packed world of MotoGP™ has a new installment ready to rule the rankings: MotoGP™23, available starting today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.


The happiness and satisfaction of all MotoGP™ fans have always been at the very core of our work in every edition of the game.

This year, however, we’ve outdone ourselves, starting with a renewed and immersive Career mode*, more realistic and engaging than ever as it shifts its focus from the team manager to the rider. And it does so through innovative dynamics that will adapt to your performance and behavior on and off the track… Rivalries included!

In MotoGP™23, in fact, several factors will help you to cross the finish line first: the ability to develop your bike for sure, but also your skills in developing strong and positive relationship with other riders through a new fictional social network. Depending on how you behave, your opponents will ride more or less aggressively, and this will also impact your chances to find a place in other teams. Not only that, even your own team will assign you goals based on your reputation, so… you better act responsibly!

Directly linked to this innovation are the Turning Points, key opportunities in your career that the game will offer you depending on your path. Each season, in fact, includes objectives that you’ll have to figure out how to achieve. Whether it’s developing the bike, becoming the lead rider or finding a place in the team of your dreams, it’s up to you to seize the moment the game will offer you, based on your performance.

Does this sound like too much for you? Don’t panic, even if it’s your very first time on the 2 wheels you’ll find MotoGP™23 extremely enjoyable and easy to approach.

The Career mode begins with a shortened Moto3™ championship to help you become familiar with the game’s mechanics. Depending on your results, you can either stay in Moto3™, move up to Moto2™ or advance directly to MotoGP™.

If you want to race in all three categories you can compete in a longer season, while should you prefer a shorter experience you can restart you career and skip to the higher categories.

The game offers the option to race on a short 10-round calendar or the official 21-round world championship. It also includes Sprint Races, which are a part of this year’s new race weekend format.

Thanks to the new Neural Aid System providing riding assists for brakes, acceleration, and handling, both seasoned players and rookies will be able to fully enjoy the game.

An exciting MotoGP™ gaming experience both accessible and motivating for everyone, regardless of their initial skill levels.

And if you are a perfectionist and want to master every corner of every track, the critically acclaimed MotoGP™ Academy returns to help you learning the basics, building confidence or improving your technique with focused sessions.

Additionally, MotoGP23™’s artificial intelligence is more advanced than ever! The performance delivered by the AI-controlled riders is extremely realistic, as they adapt to everyone’s personality and talent, reflecting their actual racing styles. For example, Marc Marquez will demonstrate his exceptional skills at Sachsenring and the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, Jorge Martín excels in Sprint Races, while Brad Binder and Jack Miller outshine rivals in wet conditions.

By popular demand, two innovative additions will bring the simulation to the next level of realism and unpredictability. Dynamic Weather enables rapid changes during races from dry to wet conditions, put you in front of challenges that will require all your talent and tactical skills. And if the weather is so bad that you cannot continue the race, the brand-new Flag-to-Flag** feature allows you to stop and swap your bike to gain a strategic advantage.

MotoGP23™ features all the official riders and tracks* of the 2023 Season for all the categories (MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™ and MotoE™), with exciting multiplayer modes, both online and offline. Cross-play*** enables racing with up to 12 players on different platforms and console generations, and the new Ranked Races guarantee fair competition among players of the same rank. Moreover, the 2-player local split-screen** feature returns, allowing you to challenge your friends side by side on the couch.

Finally, with MotoGP™23 you are able show off your style with graphic editors for helmets, stickers, racing numbers, and butt patches, adding a personal touch to your MotoGP™ experience and making your journey unique.

Put on your racing suit, fast your helmet, and hit the track: MotoGP™23 is waiting for you!

MotoGP™23 is available starting today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

*Career mode includes Kazakhstan Grand Prix.

**Flag-to-Flag, split-screen and online multiplayer not supported on Nintendo Switch. 8 players local multiplayer available on Nintendo Switch.

***Cross-play not available on PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

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