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Lots of fun with the right amount of commitment and determination, just like the real champions, to get you to the top of the championship.

That’s the challenge that awaits you in the MotoGP™23 career mode, renewed to give you an even more immersive and lifelike experience.

Inside the Hub you will have everything you need to manage every aspect of your career, from the Calendar – with events and race weekends – to monitoring the rankings and the development of your bike, as well as rider and livery customization for your custom team.

As in the previous chapters, you can choose to race in each category for official teams or create a custom team with a specific manufacturer. You’ll need to get noticed race after race, improving your reputation and taking your name higher and higher in the MotoGP™ world.

What’s new?
In this digital age, relationships with other riders are very important, even online.
You will be able to build and maintain them thanks to our social network: the feed will be influenced by your performance on the track, your reputation and the relationships you have built with other riders. This is where you can receive challenges and make the weekends even more exciting with extra goals to achieve. But watch your attitude on this channel, because it could influence the reactions of your opponents during the race!

That’s right, because your rivals will be even more competitive this year, each with a personality not to be underestimated at every stage of the career. There will be many opportunities to face them and their behavior towards you will depend on these factors, making the competition even more intense during your attempts to achieve your objectives.

Overcoming these, you will have new great opportunities to make a breakthrough in your career: the turning points, challenges that will be calibrated on the results you gradually achieve, to obtain special rewards, unlock contracts, develop your bike during trials seasons and move faster from one class to another.

So can you really call it just a video game? MotoGP™23 is coming to break the boundaries between game and reality. Get ready! It will be available starting June 8, 2023 for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam.

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MotoGP 23
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